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We often fight love when it comes knocking on our hearts, mostly because it does not present itself they way we imagined it would. It takes a certain kind of bravery to surrender to any true feeling that lies deep within our souls. 

Have you ever surrendered to love? 

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I drew inspiration for this song from a relationship that I had experienced a few years ago. The first song I created for BRAVEHEART. As time went on, I realised how fitting the words are for my journey towards this new body of work. I have never battled so much with my mind about what to do with my music. I have never experienced as much doubt as I have in thinking about sharing this music. I eventually accepted that there is a bigger purpose for all these melodies that come out from my head. Every song that comes to me, does so for reasons I am not always able to comprehend. What I do know is that much of this new music has served as a healing tool for me in many ways. SURRENDER is one such song. Although it speaks of my relationship with a man, it also remains true to my relationship with music, with self, with God. It takes a brave heart to surrender. It is truly against all odds, and with all spiritual favour that I share this song with you.
From my heart to yours,

Like a dream (yeah)
You came and showed me things
I've never seen (yeah)
Like secret colours of the magic within
Bring out the best in me
Coz you are a king (king) 

You must be cupid coz you
Shot me straight to my heart
Left me falling
And now I can't breathe I'm bleeding
All of this love
What can I do

(I surrender)
Whatever you want it's yours
You've got my heart for sure 
(To you)
I'm losing all control
I can't ignore
Surrender, render
(I surrender)
You know that I can't pretend
I might as well give in
(To you, to you, to you)

I have decided to be brave with this
I'm laying my heart on the lane for it
I want to give you all my love
Truly unconditional
What lies ahead, I truly cannot say
I know I'm gonna love you anyway
I want to give the best of me

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