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VIDEO PREMIER: 'Just Don't Know' with GB Collective

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Live stream performance March 30 @ 9pm CAT at Sky Room Live 

Suporters and fans of Nothende all across the world, are in for a treat this weekend as she is set to do a live stream performance broadcast from the Sky Room in Jozi, South Africa.

A few fans won themselves an opportunity to be a part of the broadcast and their excitement is infectious.

But no matter where in the world you will be this Saturday March 30th, you will still have the opportunity to experience this one-time performance by the songstress online at

The performance kicks off at 21:00PM CAT so be sure to save the date and tell a friend.

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Nothende records 'Hello World' with David. P Stevens and Frank McComb

Nothende's international venture is off to a great start with her recent collaboration with jazz guitarist David P. Stevens and music genius Frank McComb, both hailing from the US.

On speaking about the collaboration, she says that it is truly a dream come true.

"I absolutely love Frank McComb and have always envisioned myself working with him. I just never expected it to manifest so soon. David did a great job in creating a song that is perfectly befitting of this experience. This is my first international collaboration and I'm truly excited about what lies ahead for all of us."

The smooth and soulful track titled 'Hello World' can be heard on David's latest offering, Epiphany. 

Listen to a preview here

Tribute to Letta Mbulu and Miriam Makeba at Hansa Festival of Legends

The Hansa Festival of Legends is taking place this month in Newtown and Nothende will be one of the artists setting the stage alight for this high energy event.

Set to perform at the Sophiatown Lounge, Bassline, Nothende will be paying tribute to two artists she loves to love, Miriam Makeba and Letta Mbulu.

"These women created music that made people believe in something, AND they did it with so much grace and allure. This tribute will be my way of thanking them for what they have done."

A promise of a high-energy performance that embodies the spirit of freedom, love and a memorable celebration of life. That is what South Africans can expect on when the festival kicks off on 23 March 2013.

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